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Residential building inspection, pre-purchase home inspection,

pre-sale home inspection

A professional building inspection service

As a certified building and property inspector specialized in residential building inspections, Inspection Dussault will provide you with a professional service whether it is for a pre purchase inspection and pre sale inspection of new construction or a pre owned home. Prior to the home inspection, a Service Agreement is signed by you and Inspection Dussault to clearly establish the inspection mandate.

The building inspection service is available for different type of homes such as detached and semi-detached houses and townhouses. Inspection Dussault also provides a home inspection service for condominium type residences.

Thermography and the building inspection

The application of infrared technology is included in all building inspections. With this tool, Inspection Dussault is able to visualize the internal structures of the walls and verify the presence of insulation. The infrared inspection will allow Inspection Dussault to identify evidence of water infiltration or evidence of moisture in the perimeter walls. This may allow Inspection Dussault to pinpoint and find areas that are conducive to the proliferation of condensation and mold growth.

A thorough pre purchase and pre sale home inspection service

The home inspection is conducted in accordance with the Professional Standard of Practice for the Visual Inspection of Chiefly Residential Buildings of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAPHI). In addition to the inspection, a detailed inspection report with integrated pictures taken during the home inspection and a description of the conditions found to exist along with appropriate recommendations are included with the inspection service.