Infrared Inspection

Despite the limitations of a visual home inspection, when using infrared technology, it is possible to have a better overview of the condition of the building. The infrared camera allows Inspection Dussault to observe structures that normally are not visually attainable.

Inspection Dussault provides you with a complete inspection service by integrating the infrared technology in all its inspections. The thermograph allows Claude Dussault to identify signs of water infiltration, the presence or absence of insulation and in some case the type of insulation used.

A water infiltration identified by the use of a thermograph

The inspector will be able to see the structure behind the wall covering.


Whatever type of heating system that is used in the house, the thermograph allows to visually ensure that the system generates and distributes the heat in every room of the house.

A heat registers delivering the furnace heat in a room

A radiant heating system