Services d'inspection par un inspecteur en bâtiment agréé

Claude Dussault is the sole owner of the company Inspection Dussault. The company serves Outaouais region and customers within 100 kilometres of downtown Gatineau.

Claude Dussault certified home inspector and recognized by the QABI and CAPHI. In addition to considerable knowledge of residential buildings, Claude Dussault trained as an inspector with the engineering firm Carson Dunlop and has a qualification from Canada Snell Infrared for thermographic building inspection. He is a certified inspector by Brookfield Global Relocation Services for members transferring from the federal public service, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Canadian Forces. Claude Dussault is in good standing and holds AIBQ error and omission insurance.

What is involved in a pre purchase home inspection

The purpose of the inspection is to provide a visual examination of all easily accessible and visually attainable systems and components of the home listed in the Standards of Practice of the AIBQ. The inspector’s role is to give you information about the building that will assist you in getting an understanding of the condition of the building and the functionality of systems and components examined at the time of the inspection. The focus of the inspection is the visible conditions that affect or likely to have a serious negative impact on the integrity of the building.


Residential home inspection tools

In order to support the results of the inspection, Inspection Dussault has specialized instruments and during the inspection Claude Dussault will use:

• An infrared camera to check for insulation behind the walls, to identify apparent thermal anomalies in the building envelope which may indicate conditions of water infiltration;
• A digital electrical circuit simulator to check the polarity, the ground, current and connections in the wiring
• A hygrometer to detect the humidity in the air;
• A moisture detectors to determine the water content in the material, and
• A digital camera to provide picture in the inspection report regarding existing conditions.